Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

42 records for Rhinichthys obtusus in Yancey County.

1507791LeuciscidaeCane R. near Elk Fork & NC 197 bridge, 2 mi. S of Pensacola, 12 mi. S of BurnsvilleYancey35.829828-82.31809210/10/1953L. Outten; R. HughesCUMVTracy et al.
16055210LeuciscidaePrice Cr, SR 1126/1136Yancey35.9051533-82.382160510/21/1997NCDWRTracy et al.
16255323LeuciscidaePrice Cr, SR 1126/1136Yancey35.9051533-82.38216056/20/2002NCDWRTracy et al.
16287562LeuciscidaeBald Cr, US 19/SR 1399Yancey35.90916667-82.4708333311/13/2003NCDWRTracy et al.
1628852LeuciscidaeBald Cr, US 19WYancey35.91583333-82.3913888911/13/2003NCDWRTracy et al.
16289242LeuciscidaePossumtrot Cr, SR 1128Yancey35.9125-82.4013888911/13/2003NCDWRTracy et al.
1652244LeuciscidaeBig Cr, SR 1444Yancey36.0154299-82.35154626/21/2007NCDWRTracy et al.
1675821LeuciscidaePrice Cr, SR 1126/1136Yancey35.9051533-82.38216056/12/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
16760173LeuciscidaeBig Cr, SR 1444Yancey36.0154299-82.35154626/13/2012NCDWRTracy et al.
169211117LeuciscidaeMine Fk, SR 1419Yancey35.97405-82.295837/8/2015NCDWRTracy et al.
1722241LeuciscidaeSouth Toe River at Route 80, 1.4 air miles E Micaville, [ca. 7.1 air miles W center Spruce Pine]Yancey35.9088-82.1914978Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. Rohde and J ParnellNCSMTracy et al.
1728551LeuciscidaeBald Mountain Creek, [ca. 14.3 kilometers NW center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.98063-82.43946075n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1728612LeuciscidaeBald Mountain Creek, near church, Bald Mountain, [ca. 14.9 kilometers WNW center Burnsville]Yancey35.97797-82.44914246n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1733192Leuciscidae[Big] Crabtree Creek, 1.0 miles below [=downstream] E Prong [=Little Crabtree Creek], [ca. 9.3 air miles ESE center Burnsville]Yancey35.86935-82.14550781n/kNCSMTracy et al.
17366223LeuciscidaeBowlens Creek, [ca. 3.9 kilometers SSE center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.8844-82.28562164n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1740713LeuciscidaeCrabtree Creek, 21/2 miles above mouth of East [Fork Crabtree Creek, ca. 12.9 kilometers SW center Spruce Pine]Yancey35.8214-82.14807129n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1751661LeuciscidaeUpper South Toe River, [ca. 9.5 kilometers ESE center Burnsville, [see remarks]Yancey35.89722-82.19856262n/kNCSMTracy et al.
17526211LeuciscidaeMine Fork, SR 1419 [Pound Mill Branch Road], [ca. 6.3 kilometers N center Burnsville]Yancey35.97405-82.29582977Bryn H. Tracy, James Aaron, John Iverson, Mike MickeyNCSMTracy et al.
17910414Leuciscidae[Price Creek]. downstream of the fork of Indian and Price Creeks, [near] junction of SR 1126 [Hortons Creek Road] and SR 1121 [Prices Creek Road], [ca. 9.0] kilometers [WSW] BurnsvilleYancey35.89092-82.39595032D.W. Osgood and classNCSMTracy et al.
1791051LeuciscidaeCane River along US 19 W, [ca. 3.5] kilometers N junction with US 19, [ca. 8.9] kilometers WNW Burnsville, [see georeference remarks]Yancey35.94468-82.39292908Dave W. Osgood and studentsNCSMTracy et al.
1794335LeuciscidaeBald Creek at US 19W, [ca. 5.1 air miles W center Burnsville]Yancey35.91583-82.39138794Bryn H. Tracy, A Leslie, Tracy Morman, Blair PrushaNCSMTracy et al.
1794451LeuciscidaePossumtrot Creek at SR 1128 [Possumtrot Road], [ca. 5.6 air miles W center Burnsville]Yancey35.9125-82.40139008Bryn H. Tracy, A Leslie, Tracy Morman, Blair PrushaNCSMTracy et al.
18129858LeuciscidaeBald Creek at US 19, [ca. 1.2] air miles E Bald Creek (town), [ca. 9.0 kilometers W center Burnsville]Yancey35.9134-82.40105438Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
1837353LeuciscidaeIndian Creek at SR 1126, ca. 6.25 air miles NW Murchison, [ca. 17.1 air miles NE center Marshall]Yancey35.886-82.39959717Fred C. Rohde, et al.NCSMTracy et al.
1840415LeuciscidaePrice Creek, SR 1126/1136 [Prices Creek Road], [ca. 7.5 kilometers WSW center Burnsville]Yancey35.90471-82.38261414Jeff T. DeBerardinis, Matt Stillwell, Eric Fleek, James Aaron, Landon DavidsonNCSMTracy et al.
18491313LeuciscidaePrice Creek at SR 1126 [Norton Creek Road]/1136 [Phipps Creek Road], [ca. 7.5 kilometers W Burnsville]Yancey35.90556-82.38305664Bryn H. Tracy, Nicole Flint, Mark Hale, Tracy MormanNCSMTracy et al.
1859511LeuciscidaeBig Creek at SR 1444, [ca. 15.6 kilometers SE center Erwin, TN]Yancey36.01543-82.35154724Bryn H. Tracy, Jeff T. DeBerardinis, S. Michelle Simonson, A. RomingerNCSMTracy et al.
18621516LeuciscidaePrice Creek, SR 1126 [Norton Creek Road] / 1136 [Pipps Creek Road], [ca. 7.4 kilometers W center Burnsville]Yancey35.90515-82.382164Bryn H. Tracy, Nancy Guthrie, Dave Lenat, Neil MedlinNCSMTracy et al.
1871832LeuciscidaeBaker Creek, [ca. 4.6 kilometers SW center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.88996-82.33881378n/kNCSMTracy et al.
18774648LeuciscidaeUpper Price Creek, [ca. 9.1 kilometers WSW center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.88523-82.39394379n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1877493LeuciscidaePossumtrot Creek, [ca. 11.0 kilometers W center Burnsville]Yancey35.90436-82.42258453n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1877521LeuciscidaeLower Price Creek, near Banks Creek, [ca. 7.5 kilometers W center Burnsville]Yancey35.90474-82.38257599n/kNCSMTracy et al.
18775714LeuciscidaeBald Creek, at Angel (?) Creek, [ca. 11.9 kilometers W center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.91245-82.43225098n/kNCSMTracy et al.
18906523Leuciscidaemid-Jacks Creek, [ca. 6.2 kilometers N center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.9724-82.30544281n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1890691LeuciscidaeUpper Jacks Creek, [ca. 8.6 kilometers N center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.99429-82.29329681n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1890725LeuciscidaeSouth Cox Creek, [ca. 7.0 kilometers NNW center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.97493-82.33287811n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1897013LeuciscidaeLower Bald Mountain Creek, [ca. 16.8 kilometers WNW center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.96734-82.47681427n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1897043LeuciscidaeElk Wallow Creek, near Swiss, [ca. 13.0 kilometers W center Burnsville]Yancey35.91441-82.44582367n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1897067Leuciscidaemid-Bald Mountain Creek, [ca. 14.3 kilometers NW center Burnsville]Yancey35.98063-82.43946075n/kNCSMTracy et al.
1911424LeuciscidaeRock Creek, [ca. 13.4 air miles WNW center Marion]Yancey35.77775-82.21910095NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1926353LeuciscidaeCattail Creek, tributary of Cane River near Cane River and Pensacola, ca. 10-11 (?) miles south from Burnsville, [ca. 7.7 kilometers S center Burnsville], [see remarks]Yancey35.8485-82.31038666n/kNCSMTracy et al.
19922010LeuciscidaeCane River at abandoned dam near (west of) Burnsville. About 1.5 mi. (up 1138 and left on 1115) from US 19E, on SR 1138.Yancey35.904181-82.3325835/30/1964Collette, B., B. and Knapp, L. W.USNMTracy et al.