Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

5 records for Semotilus lumbee in Montgomery County.

1516131LeuciscidaeDrowning Creek, 2.1 air mi E Emery, S.R. 1571Montgomery35.247957-79.682374G.B. Mottesi & M.E. SavacoolINHSTracy et al.
1743053LeuciscidaeTributary to Big Mountain Creek [= Silver Creek], [ca.] 2.0 miles [WNW] Norman, [ca. 16.9 air miles N center Rockingham]Montgomery35.18339-79.75998688NCWRCNCSMTracy et al.
1788611LeuciscidaeTributary to Mountain Creek at SR 1533 [Webb Road], 2.0 air miles W.NW Norman (Richmond County)Montgomery35.1837-79.75939941Rudolf G. Arndt, Fred C. Rohde and KC ZippelNCSMTracy et al.
1922391LeuciscidaeTributary Mountain Creek at culvert on County Road 1153 [Teddar Road], 3.7 road miles W junction NC Highway 220 in Norman, 7.5 air miles NNW center EllerbeMontgomery35.1756-79.78399658FF Snelson, Snelson and William M. PalmerNCSMTracy et al.
19961111LeuciscidaeDrowning Creek at NC 73, NE of EllerbeMontgomery35.18762-79.648575/22/1980UT Regional Fauna ClassUTTracy et al.