Freshwater Fishes of North Carolina

4 records for Thoburnia hamiltoni in Stokes County.

437091CatostomidaeLittle Dan River, from state line downstream, near Asbury, [ca. 12.9-13.0 air miles ENE center Mount Airy]Stokes36.5478-80.3827972421-Dec-92Fred C. Rohde, J Mickey and P CampbellNCSMTracy et al.
437104CatostomidaeLittle Dan River, along SR 1422 [Elastic Plant Road], 200 m S of VA line, [ca. 2.7] miles [W] of [Collinstown], [see georeference remarks]Stokes36.54601-80.3847885129-Sep-85Edward F. Menhinick and classNCSMTracy et al.
441851CatostomidaeLittle Dan River, 0.5 mile up the river, downstream from the state lineStokes36.54434-80.382847/29/2015Thomas Russ and NCWRC staffNCWRCTracy et al.
441861CatostomidaeLittle Dan River, ~ 200 yards from state lineStokes36.5468-80.38436/11/2019Thomas Russ and NCWRC staffNCWRCTracy et al.