Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Largeseed Goosefoot - Oxybasis macrosperma   (Hooker filius) S. Fuentes, Uotila, & BorschOnly member of Oxybasis in NC.
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Section 6 » Family Chenopodiaceae
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Author(Hooker filius) S. Fuentes, Uotila, & Borsch
DistributionThere are no specimens at the SERNEC Data Portal, and the species is not in RAB (1968). BONAP maps it in New Hanover County; FNA also maps it for NC, as does Weakley (2018) for the Coastal Plain. Taxon editors seek stronger evidence (specimen citation) for its inclusion in the flora.

Native of South America; in N.A. MD, NC, CA, WA, B.C.
AbundanceVery rare.
HabitatNo NC data.
PhenologyNo NC data.
IdentificationThis is an erect to decumbent, farinose (covered with a whitish, mealy powder) plant. The leaves are deltate or trowel-shaped, up to 2 inches long. The flowers occur in glomerules in terminal dense spikes.
Taxonomic CommentsA synonym is Chenopodium macrospermum.

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