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Account for Small Waterwort - Elatine minima   (Nuttall) Fischer & C.A. Meyer
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Section 6 » Order Theales » Family Elatinaceae
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Author(Nuttall) Fischer & C.A. Meyer
DistributionA single series of collections from Holt Reservoir (= Lake Butner) in 1991-95 in Granville County by D. DeMont.

Native to southeastern Canada and northeastern US, south to PA and IL; apparently adventive from DE to SC. Weakley (2018) shows it as native in all Southeastern states of occurrence, though still stating of the NC record "it is uncertain whether it should be considered native or exotic in NC. It may have been introduced by waterfowl or humans."
AbundanceVery rare -- known from just this one site. As with E. americana, the fact that the few records are from artificial lakes (only) makes the NCNHP and the website editors feel that the species might not be native here. The map below shows the record as being of Provenance Uncertain.
HabitatArtificial lake, in shallow water.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting July-October.
IdentificationLike E. americana, this is a tiny plant, the stems a few inches long at most. In this case, the leaves are shorter and essentially sessile, there being no petiole.
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State RankSE? *
Global RankG5
State StatusW4
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