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Author(Ashe) Small
DistributionMountains only, presumably throughout the entire province, though documented records so far from just 7 counties. This species formerly was treated as a variety under H. arifolia. With further survey and appreciation that this taxon has been elevated to a full species in Weakley (2020), more observers will likely document it in additional counties.

Southern Appalachian endemic: VA, KY, TN, NC, GA, AL.
AbundanceProbably uncommon to infrequent, but in the past has likely been overlooked and simply called as H. arifolia. Weakley's (2020) map shows it as "uncommon" in the NC mountains. NatureServe does not list the full species, but the variety is given a Global Rank of G5T4?; thus, now elevated to a full species on this website, the Global Rank would thus be G4?.
HabitatWeakley (2020) says "upland acidic forests, ultramafic outcrop barrens, calcareous forests."
PhenologyFlowers and fruits from March-June.
IdentificationAppalachian Little Brown Jug differs from common Little Brown Jug (H. arifolia) by its short (2-4 mm) erect calyx lobes (vs. 2.5-8 mm and spreading). From H. species 1 it differs primarily in having short rhizomes (vs. long) and plants clumped (vs. clonal patch forming).
Taxonomic CommentsA synonym is H. arifolia var. ruthii.

Other Common Name(s)Appalachian Little Brown Jug, Appalachian Arrowleaf Heartleaf
State RankS2?
Global Rank[G4?]
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