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Account for Floating Seedbox - Ludwigia peploides   (Kunth) Raven
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Section 6 » Order Myrtales » Family Onagraceae
Author(Kunth) Raven
DistributionMostly in the Piedmont; a few records in the Coastal Plain.

Native of the New World; in N.A. southern NY to NE, south to FL and TX; NM, AZ, CA, OR, WA. The native distribution in the U.S. is uncertain, but probably the Mississippi River drainage and CA.
AbundanceApparently rare.
HabitatFresh marsh, impoundments and artificial ponds, slow rivers and their shores, retention pond. Apparently seldom at lake shores and larger bodies of water.
PhenologyFlowering and fruiting May-October.
IdentificationThis herb creeps along the ground and roots at nodes; or it may float in shallow water. Flowering branches rise up above the surface and are glabrate. The leaves low down on the stem often are obovate, while floating and upper leaves are lanceolate or oblanceolate. The flowers have 5 petals, yellow, 10-15 mm long, smaller than most of the other non-native species in the state.
Taxonomic CommentsIt appears that all our material is of var. glabrescens.

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Herb Amyxmitigation pond behind Heritage High School in Wake Forest, Wake County; 27 September 2020 WakeOther_non_natural
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