Vascular Plants of North Carolina
Account for Northern Slender Ladies'-tresses - Spiranthes lacera var. lacera   (Rafinesque) Rafinesque
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Author(Rafinesque) Rafinesque
DistributionRecent examination of NC specimens yielded only one record for the state: Clay County, "on recently cleared area, Tusquitee Bald, 5200 ft.," 17 August 1956, A.F. Mark s.n. (DUKE). Other records from Macon, Jackson, and Transylvania counties need careful vetting.

The nominate vartiety of S. lacera ranges from N.S. to Sask., south to NC, TN, and MO.
AbundanceVery rare, as far as is known. Should be ranked SH.
HabitatThe only NC specimen is from a montane bald at 5200 feet. Thus, high elevation balds, openings in spruce-fir forests.
PhenologyApparently, July-August.
IdentificationDiffers from var. gracilis mainly in the lax arrangement of flowers in the spike (vs. dense), inflorescence with gland-tipped hairs (vs. essentially glabrous).
Taxonomic Comments
Other Common Name(s)
State RankS1
Global RankG5T5
State StatusE
US Status
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B.A. SorriePhoto taken 1974, Bourne, MA. Photo_non_NCPhoto_non_NC

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