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DistributionNot yet verified from NC, although it has been found in western VA close to the NC border. Specimens purported to be the alien hirtellus or its subsp. undulatifolius are at GMUF and NCU; all are the native setarius. See the Taxonomic Comments section.

Native of Asia. In N.A. collected from MD and VA, where it seems to be spreading.

AbundanceShould be treated as SRF - State Reported Falsely.
HabitatDisturbed ground.
IdentificationThis key was developed by B.A. Sorrie:
The leaf sheaths and culm axis are pilose with hairs 3-5 mm long; hairs on the leaf surfaces are similarly long; the leaf length ranges from 2.5-10 cm, the longest leaves with long-acuminate tip ……hirtellus ssp. undulatifolius.

Leaf sheaths and culm axis glabrate to pilose (usually sparsely, but dense at sheath summit) with hairs less than 1.5 mm long; hairs on the leaf surfaces similarly long; the leaf length ranges from 1.5-6 cm, the longest leaves with acute to acuminate tip (but not long-acuminate) ………………setarius
Taxonomic CommentsFNA treats setarius as a subspecies of hirtellus; but it is confined to the New World, whereas the latter is confined to the Old.

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State RankSRF
Global RankG5TNR
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