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DistributionApparently known in the state only in Ashe and Alleghany counties.

This is a poorly known Northern species that ranges from southern Canada south to PA and IL, and then southward in the Appalachians only to northwestern NC.
AbundancePresumed to be very rare or rare in NC, as it is known from just two counties. Likely absent south of Ashe and Alleghany counties. As the NC NHP does not have the species in its database, this website has given it a tentative state rank of S1?, and a Watch List status for now.
HabitatThe species is found mainly in mixed forests or brushy areas, in mesic to somewhat dry and rocky soil. The habitats in NC are not known.
PhenologyBlooms in May, and fruits from September to October.
IdentificationThis is a large shrub or small tree. In NC, the leaves are quite widely ovate to nearly rhombic, about as wide as long, and with V-shaped leaf bases that are straight cut and untoothed. The leaf margins otherwise are strongly toothed. The inflorescence is glabrous. This will be a difficult taxon for nearly anyone in NC to identify in the field, and thus photos and snatching a stem to key out in the field or later on will be needed. For additional characters, see Lance (2014) and Weakley (2018).
Taxonomic CommentsAs with most hawthorns, this species was described many decades ago. However, RAB (1968) did not include it, presumably as it was not known from NC at that time, as well as possibly not widely “accepted” as a valid species at that time. Lance (2014) lists two varieties for this taxon – the nominate var. dodgei is not known from NC, whereas var. flavida is known from the northwestern corner of NC. In fact, there are several photos in his book of a plant from Alleghany County.

Other Common Name(s)Dodge Hawthorn. As with other species named after someone, the common name should be in possessive form, with the apostrophe.
State Rank[S1?]
Global RankG4
State Status[W7]
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