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General Shrublands
General Rosaceous Thickets
Habitat Overview Plant members are shrubby or small tree species in the Rose family, including Cherries, Plums, Crab Apples, Hawthorns, and Serviceberries. This particular habitat is fairly generalized, occurring in at least two of the state's physiographic provinces and occupying a wide range of moisture regimes and soil types. Most of these species grow along forest edges and can be components of successional habitats; some are shade tolerant and grow in the understory of hardwood forests.

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Defining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankImperilment ScoreHabitat Risk Index
Acrobasis indigenella - Leaf Crumpler Moth GNRS3S51.000.2500
Acronicta clarescens - Clear Dagger G5S41.000.2500
Acronicta hasta - Speared Dagger G5S51.000.0000
Acronicta radcliffei - Radcliffe's Dagger G5S41.000.2500
Argyresthia oreasella - Cherry Shoot Borer Moth GNRS4S51.000.1250
Balsa labecula - White-blotched Balsa Moth G5S4S51.000.1250
Balsa malana - Many-dotted Appleworm Moth G5S41.000.2500
Balsa tristrigella - Three-lined Balsa Moth G5S41.000.2500
Catocala alabamae - Alabama Underwing G4S2S32.420.5825
Catocala clintonii - Clinton's Underwing G4S41.000.2500
Catocala crataegi - Hawthorn Underwing G5S3S41.080.3750
Catocala grynea - Woody Underwing G5S41.000.2500
Catocala mira - Wonderful Underwing G5S3S41.080.3750
Catocala pretiosa - Precious Underwing G4S2S32.420.5825
Catocala ultronia - Ultronia Underwing G5S51.000.0000
Cerma cerintha - Tufted Bird-dropping Moth G5S41.000.2500
Cerma cora - Owl-eyed Bird-dropping Moth G3G4S2S32.620.5825
Coptodisca splendoriferella GNRSU1.490.3750
Eumacaria madopata - Brown-bordered Geometer Moth G5S3S41.080.3750
Filatima serotinella GNRSU1.490.3750
Furcula borealis - White Furcula Moth G5S41.000.2500
Lithophane unimoda - Dowdy Pinion GNRS3S41.080.3750
Lomographa semiclarata - Bluish Spring Moth G5SU1.490.3750
Lomographa vestaliata - White Spring Moth G5S4S51.000.1250
Lytrosis unitaria - Common Lytrosis Moth G5S51.000.0000
Malacosoma americana - Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth G5S51.000.0000
Marmara serotinella GNRSU1.490.3750
Metaxaglaea viatica - Roadside Sallow G5S51.000.0000
Paonias myops - Small-eyed Sphinx G5S51.000.0000
Parornix geminatella - Unspotted Tentiform Leafminer Moth GNRSH5.390.9150
Rheumaptera prunivorata - Ferguson's Scallop Shell Moth G5S41.000.2500
Sphinx drupiferarum - Wild Cherry Sphinx G4SH6.330.9150
Stigmella prunifoliella GNRSU1.490.3750
Stigmella rosaefoliella GNRSU1.490.3750
Zale intenta - Bold-based Zale G5SU1.490.3750
Amelanchier arborea - Downy Serviceberry G5S51.000.0000
Malus angustifolia - Southern Crabapple G5S31.490.5000
Prunus americana - American Plum G5S31.490.5000
Prunus nigra - Canada Plum G4G5S15.840.8300
Prunus serotina - Black Cherry G5S51.000.0000
Prunus umbellata - Hog Plum G4G5S23.070.6650
Balcanocerus provancheri
Erythridula electa
Scaphytopius triangularis
Crataegus aprica - Sunny Hawthorn GNRS31.490.5000
Crataegus coccinea - Scarlet Hawthorn G5S22.840.6650
Crataegus collina - Hillside Hawthorn GNRS41.000.2500
Crataegus crus-galli - Cockspur Hawthorn G5S31.490.5000
Crataegus gattingeri - Gattinger's Hawthorn G3G5S31.750.5000
Crataegus intricata - Copenhagen Hawthorn G5S41.000.2500
Crataegus iracunda - Stolon-bearing Hawthorn G5S41.000.2500
Crataegus macrosperma - Bigfruit Hawthorn G5S41.000.2500
Crataegus pruinosa - Frosted Hawthorn G5S41.000.2500
Crataegus uniflora - One-flowered Hawthorn G5S51.000.0000
Prunus angustifolia - Chickasaw Plum G5S51.000.0000
Prunus susquehanae - Susquehanna Cherry G4G5SH5.840.9150
Satyrium titus - Coral Hairstreak G5S41.000.2500
Sum: 88.23
ENE Value of 17.4025 * (1 - # of S5: 10 / # Species 54) = 14.18
Average of 54: 1.63

Phagic and Competitory Symbioses: (Rosaceae species/Acrobasis indigenella-Acronicta clarescens-Acronicta radcliffei-Argyresthia oreasella-Balsa labecula-Balsa melana-Balsa tristrigella-Catocala clintonii-Catocala grynea-Catocala pretiosa-Catocala ultronia-Cerma cerintha-Cerma cora-Filatima serotinella-Coptodisca splendoriferella-Lithophane unimoda-Lytrosis unitaria-Malacosoma americana-Metaxaglaea viatica-Paonias myops-Parornix geminatella-Sphinx drupiferarum) // (Crataegus species/Catocala mira) // (Prunus species/Acronicta hasta-Caloptilia serotinella-Filatima serotinella-Furcula borealis-Rheumaptera prunivorata-Satyrium titus-Stigmella prunifoliella-Zale intenta) // (Prunus serotina/Marmara serotinella)// (Rosa species/Stigmella rosaefoliella)

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