Habitats of North Carolina
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Members of General Shrublands:
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General Shrublands
General Greenbrier Tangles
Habitat Overview
Related NHP Natural Communities
Determining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankProbability of Extirpation (PE)
Phosphila miselioides - Spotted Phosphila Moth G5S50.00
Phosphila turbulenta - Turbulent Phosphila Moth G5S50.00
Phyprosopus callitrichoides - Curve-lined Owlet Moth G5S50.00
Smilax rotundifolia - Common Greenbrier G5S50.00
Expected Number of Extirpations with a PE value (Sum of PE) = 0.0000
N = Number of Extant Species with a PE value = 0
Average PE = ENE/N = 0.0000
Number of S5 species = 4
Proportion of Secure Species = Number of S5 Species/N = 0.0000
Habitat Risk Index = ENE x (1 – PSS) = 0.0000

Candidates for Inclusion
Habitat Sub-sets
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Habitat Conservation Status
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High Quality Habitat Occurrences
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Threats and Trends
Status Summary
Stewardship Recommendations
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