Habitats of North Carolina
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Rock Outcrops, Glades, and Barrens
General Description This habitat consists of flat, surface exposures primarily of granite and other felsic plutons that accumulate small to extensive deposits of soil sufficient to support mats of xerophytic mosses, graminoids, and other dwarf plant species. This habitat includes species that are restricted to the Piedmont as well as some that occur at in the Mountains. Species that occur in the Piedmont that are restricted to circumneutral to basic rock formations are treated in the Basic Barrens and Glades habitat. Species restricted to the Mountains are treated in several other habitats found primarily or exclusively in that region.

Abiotic Factors
Biotic Structure
Co-evolved Species Groups
Determining Species
Mononeuria unifloraG4S1S10.33330
Sedum pusillumPuck's OrpineG3S1S10.33330
Portulaca smalliiSmall's PortulacaG3S2S20.03699
Diamorpha smalliiElf OrpineG4S3S30.00407
Mononeuria glabraG4S3S30.00407
Phemeranthus teretifoliusAppalachian Rock-pinkG4S3S30.00407
Cyperus granitophilusGranite FlatsedgeG3G4S2S20.03699
Cyperus squarrosusAwned FlatsedgeG5S2S20.03699
Isoetes piedmontanaPiedmont QuillwortG4S2S20.03699
Nr = Number of Ranked Species = 9
Ner = Number of Extant, Ranked Species = 9
Nv = Number of Historic and Extirpated Species = 0
Nar = Number of Species at Risk of Extirpation (State rank > S5) = 9
Nss = Number of Secure Species (State Rank = S5) = 0
Pss = Proportion of Secure Species (Nss/Ner) = 0.00000
ENE = Expected Number of Extirpations (Sum of PE) = 0.82677
Average PE (ENE/Ner) = 0.09186
Habitat Risk Index = (Nar+Nv) x Average PE = 9 x 0.09186 = 0.82674

Estimated Risk to the Determining Species
Estimated Risk to the Co-evolved Species Groups
Estimated Security of the Habitat
Index of Habitat Imperilment
Identified Risks
Observed Trends
Distribution Map
Major Conservation Reserves
Priority Areas for Surveys and Conservation Protection
Stewardship and Management Recommendations
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