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Rock Outcrops, Glades, and Barrens
High Elevation Rock Outcrops
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Habitat Overview This habitat consists of exposed rock outcrops at elevations above 4,000'. The determining species are all herbaceous plants found only in this habitat. Currently, no herbivorous species are known to specialize on these plants.
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Determining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankProbability of Extirpation (PE)
Geum radiatum - Spreading Avens G2S20.0460
Houstonia montana - Roan Mountain Bluet G2S20.0460
Rhodiola rosea - Roseroot G5SH0.00
Huperzia appressa - Appalachian Firmoss G5S30.0058
Expected Number of Extirpations with a PE value (Sum of PE) = 0.0978
N = Number of Extant Species with a PE value = 3
Average PE = ENE/N = 0.0326
Number of S5 species = 0
Proportion of Secure Species = Number of S5 Species/N = 0.0000
Habitat Risk Index = ENE x (1 – PSS) = 0.0978

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