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Lentic Habitats
Isolated Pools
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Habitat Overview This habitat includes isolated and typically ephemeral pools that are embedded in a wide range of terrestrial habitats. Determining Species are aquatic invertebrates that are restricted to fish-free, shallow pools. Unlike the amphibians that also make use of isolated pools for breeding but move into adjoining terrestrial habitats as adults, these invertebrates enter into dormant states within the pool basins when they dry out.

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Determining Species A species list has not been entered for this habitat.
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Candidates for Inclusion Fairy shrimps, clam shrimps, and other Branchiopods will be included once a website has been developed for them. Same for Amphipods, Isopods, and at least a few species of Crayfish. Fingernail Clams are another important group making use of this habitat.

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