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Lentic Habitats
General Herbaceous Ponds
Habitat Overview Shallow ponds supporting masses of aquatic plant species with floating stems and leaves. The original habitats for these species across the state -- as represented by this general habitat type -- was probably beaver ponds.

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Determining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankProbability of Extirpation (PE)
Ceratophyllum demersum - Common Hornwort G5S30.0058
Elodea canadensis - Canadian Waterweed G5S10.3584
Elodea nuttallii - Nuttall's Waterweed G5S20.0460
Lemna minor - Common Duckweed G5S20.0460
Lemna perpusilla - Minute Duckweed G5S40.0007
Lemna valdiviana - Valdivia Duckweed G5S30.0058
Nuphar advena - Broadleaf Pond-lily G5S50.000000000
Nymphaea odorata - Fragrant Water-lily G5S40.0007
Potamogeton amplifolius - Largeleaf Pondweed G5S10.3584
Potamogeton berchtoldii - Slender Pondweed G5S20.0460
Potamogeton diversifolius - Waterthread Pondweed G5S50.000000000
Potamogeton epihydrus - Ribbonleaf Pondweed G5S30.0058
Potamogeton foliosus - Leafy Pondweed G5S20.0460
Potamogeton nodosus - Longleaf Pondweed G5SH
Potamogeton pulcher - Spotted Pondweed G5S40.0007
Potamogeton pusillus - Small Pondweed G5S40.0007
Utricularia gibba - Humped Bladderwort G5S40.0007
Elophila gyralis - Waterlily Borer Moth GNRS3S40.0020
Elophila icciusalis - Pondside Pyralid Moth GNRS3S40.0020
Elophila obliteralis - Waterlily Leafcutter Moth GNRS4S50.0002
Elophila tinealis GNRS3S40.0020
Parapoynx maculalis - Polymorphic Pondweed Moth GNRS1S30.0460
Expected Number of Extirpations with a PE value (Sum of PE) = 0.9739
N = Number of Extant Species with a PE value = 19
Average PE = ENE/N = 0.0513
Number of S5 species = 2
Proportion of Secure Species = Number of S5 Species/N = 0.1053
Habitat Risk Index = ENE x (1 – PSS) = 0.8713

Phagic and Competitory Symbioses: (Nymphaea species/Elophila gyralis) // (Lemna species/Elophila tinealis)

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