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Marshes, Mires, and Shoreline Habitats
Coastal Freshwater and Low-Salinity Marshes
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Habitat Overview Members are associated with coastal marshes that are primarily freshwater but with some also occurring in brackish but not salt marshes. Members of this habitat are restricted to the Coastal Plain, with residential populations, at least, not occurring in the Piedmont or Mountains.

This habitat intersects Salt and Brackish Marshes, with both including low-salinity areas.
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Determining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankProbability of Extirpation (PE)
Bacopa innominata - Tropical Water-hyssop G3G5SH0.00
Kosteletzkya pentacarpos - Seashore Mallow G5S40.0007
Typha angustifolia - Narrowleaf Cattail G5S30.0058
Typha domingensis - Southern Cattail G4G5S30.0058
Bellura brehmei GNRSU0.0020
Macrochilo santerivalis - An Owlet Moth G3G4SU0.0020
Meropleon ambifusca G3G4SH0.00
Meropleon cinnamicolor GUSH0.00
Tarache terminimaculata - Curve-lined Bird-dropping Moth GNRS2S40.0058
Botaurus lentiginosus - American Bittern G5S10.3584
Cistothorus palustris - Marsh Wren G5S30.0058
Laterallus jamaicensis - Black Rail G3G4S2S30.0164
Rallus limicola - Virginia Rail G5S30.0058
Brachymesia gravida - Four-spotted Pennant G5S50.00
Libellula needhami - Needham's Skimmer G5S50.00
Carex hyalinolepis - Shoreline Sedge G4G5S20.0460
Cladium jamaicense - Sawgrass G5S30.0058
Fimbristylis castanea - Marsh Fimbry G5S4S50.0002
Schoenoplectus acutus - Hardstem Bulrush G5SH0.00
Spartina cynosuroides - Big Cordgrass G5S50.00
Zizania aquatica - Annual Wild-rice G5S20.0460
Euphyes dukesi - Dukes' Skipper G3G4S1S20.1284
Euphyes pilatka - Palatka Skipper G3G4S3S40.0020
Problema bulenta - Rare Skipper G3S10.3584
Oryzomys palustris - Marsh Rice Rat G5S5 S4
Expected Number of Extirpations with a PE value (Sum of PE) = 0.9953
N = Number of Extant Species with a PE value = 17
Average PE = ENE/N = 0.0585
Number of S5 species = 3
Proportion of Secure Species = Number of S5 Species/N = 0.1765
Habitat Risk Index = ENE x (1 – PSS) = 0.8196

Phagic and Competitory Symbioses: (Carex hyalinolepis/Euphyes dukesi); (Cladium jamaicense/Euphyes pilatka); (Zizania aquatica-Sporobolus cynosuroides/Problema bulenta)
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