Habitats of North Carolina
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Conifer Forests
Montane Cool Mesic Conifer Forests
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General Description This habitat includes cool, moist, montane conifer forests. These include stands of Spruce and Fir at high elevations and stands of Canadian Hemlock forests in cove and alluvial forests at lower elevations.

The trees themselves belong to more specialized habitats and the Determining Species are oligophagous herbivores that make use of Spruce, Fir, and Hemlock but are not specialized on any one of these species.

Abiotic Factors
Biotic Structure
Co-evolved Species Groups
Determining Species
Monochamus notatusNortheastern SawyerS4S50.00010
Eupithecia mutataSpruce Cone LooperGNRS2S3S2S30.01230
Hydriomena divisariaBlack-Dashed HydriomenaGNRS2S3S2S30.01230
Hypsopygia thymetusalisSpruce Needleworm MothGNRS2S3S2S30.01230
Argyrotaenia occultanaFall Spruce Needle MothGNRS2S4S2S40.00407
Syngrapha rectangulaSalt-and-Pepper LooperG5S2S4S2S40.00407
Feralia comstockiComstock's SallowG5S3S4S3S40.00132
Cladara limitariaMottled Gray CarpetG5S4S40.00041
Lambdina fiscellariaHemlock LooperG5S4S40.00041
Macaria signariaPale-marked Angle MothG5S4S40.00041
Caripeta divisataGray Spruce LooperG5S4S5S4S50.00010
Panthea acronyctoidesBlack Zigzag Moth, Tufted Spruce CaterpillarG5S4S5S4S50.00010
Pero morrisonariaMorrison's Pero MothG5S4S5S4S50.00010
Coleotechnites atrupictellaGNRSUSU0.00202
Feralia jocosaJoker MothGNRSUSU0.00202
Nr = Number of Ranked Species = 15
Ner = Number of Extant, Ranked Species = 15
Nv = Number of Historic and Extirpated Species = 0
Nar = Number of Species at Risk of Extirpation (State rank > S5) = 15
Nss = Number of Secure Species (State Rank = S5) = 0
Pss = Proportion of Secure Species (Nss/Ner) = 0.00000
ENE = Expected Number of Extirpations (Sum of PE) = 0.05203
Average PE (ENE/Ner) = 0.00347
Habitat Risk Index = (Nar+Nv) x Average PE = 15 x 0.00347 = 0.05205

Estimated Risk to the Determining Species
Estimated Risk to the Co-evolved Species Groups
Estimated Security of the Habitat
Index of Habitat Imperilment
Identified Risks
Observed Trends
Distribution Map
Major Conservation Reserves
Priority Areas for Surveys and Conservation Protection
Stewardship and Management Recommendations
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