Habitats of North Carolina
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Conifer Forests
General Coastal Plain Pine Forests and Woodlands
Habitat Overview The presence of pines is a key habitat factor but is not restricted to any one species. Only Coastal Plain habitats are included, however. Examples occur on a range of sandy soils and acidic wetlands. A high frequency of natural fires is an important factor for all examples.

Pine Woods Treefrogs are strongly associated with pine stands or mixed pine-hardwoods and is nearly restricted to the Coastal Plain. This is the sole Determining Species and this habitat is included only provisionally as an MSCD Habitat (a minimum of two are required for it to be a multi-species habitat).
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Determining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankProbability of Extirpation (PE)
Hyla femoralis - Pine Woods Treefrog G5S50.00
Expected Number of Extirpations with a PE value (Sum of PE) = 0.0000
N = Number of Extant Species with a PE value = 0
Average PE = ENE/N = 0.0000
Number of S5 species = 1
Proportion of Secure Species = Number of S5 Species/N = 0.0000
Habitat Risk Index = ENE x (1 – PSS) = 0.0000

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