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Upland Hardwood Forests
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Habitat Overview Associated with bottomland hardwoods and mesic mixed hardwoods across the state.

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Determining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankHabitat Risk Index
Amphicarpaea bracteata - American Hog-peanut G5S50.0000
Datana angusii - Angus's Datana Moth G5S4S50.1250
Eubaphe mendica - Beggar Moth G5S50.0000
Horisme intestinata - Brown Bark Carpet Moth G5S4S50.1250
Hypena bijugalis - Dimorphic Bomolocha
Idia denticulalis - Toothed Idia Moth G4S3S40.3750
Lochmaeus bilineata - Double-lined Prominent G5S50.0000
Macrosaccus morrisella GNRS3S50.2500
Phyllodesma americana - Lappet Moth G5S3S40.3750
Phyllonorycter albanotella GNRSU0.3750
Redectis pygmaea - Pygmy Redectis Moth
Renia discoloralis - Discolored Renia Moth G5S4S50.1250
Renia new species near discoloralis G4S40.2500
Sigela brauneata - Braun's Quandry
Zanclognatha cruralis - Early Zanclognatha Moth G5S50.0000
Zanclognatha pedipilalis - Grayish Zanclognatha Moth G5S4S50.1250
Sum: 0
ENE Value of 1.2500 * (1 - # of S5: 4 / # Species 0) = 1.25
Average of 0: 0

Phagic and Competitory Symbioses: (Amphicarpaea bracteata/Macrosaccus morrisella) // (Bottomland Oak species/Phyllonorycter albanotella) // (Clematis species/Horisme intestinata) // (Viola species/Eubaphe mendica)
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