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Coluber flagellum - Coachwhip

Family: ColubridaeSynonym: Masticophis flagellum                                                                                 
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Distribution in North Carolina
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Habitats and Life History
Habitats: Coachwhips are characteristic of xeric, open woodlands with well-drained sandy soils. Most records come from the Coastal Plain where they are associated with dune grasslands, maritime scrub, and forest habitats on the barrier islands and xeric pine-oak woodlands on sandridges further inland (Paler and Braswell, 1995; Beane et al., 2010; Gibbons, 2017). Some use is also made of old field habitats, particularly where the soils are sandy.
See also Habitat Account for Xeric-Mesic Sand Barrens and Glades
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Photo Gallery for Coluber flagellum - Coachwhip

Recorded by: Steve Hall and Erich Hoffman
Hoke Co.
Recorded by: Steve Hall and Erich Hoffman
Hoke Co.