Lichens of North Carolina
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Cladonia subcariosa Nyl. - Peg Lichen

Image by Gary Perlmutter

Image by Gary Perlmutter

Image by Gary Perlmutter
Family: CladoniaceaeSynonym: Cladonia polycarpia G. Merr., Cladonia polycarpoides Nyl.                                                                                 
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Distribution in North Carolina
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Photo Gallery for Cladonia subcariosa - Peg Lichen

Recorded by: Fred W. Gray
Anson Co.
Comment: Filed as Cladonia polycarpoides.
Recorded by: Gary Perlmutter & Bruce Sorrie
Anson Co.
Comment: Filed as Cladonia sobolescens
Recorded by: Alexander W. Evans
Lee Co.
Recorded by: Aaron J Sharp
Macon Co.
Comment: filed as Cladonia sobolescens.
Recorded by:
Macon Co.
Recorded by: William Grow
McDowell Co.
Comment: Filed as C. polycarpoides.