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Peltigera hydrothyria Miadl. & Lutzoni - Eastern Waterfan

Image by Katelin Pearson
Family: PeltigeraceaeSynonym: Hydrothyria venosa J. L. Russell                                                                                 
Comments: Originally placed in the genus Hydrothyria, this lichen was found to be a species of Peltigera through molecular analysis. Further molecular analysis revealed three taxa, two in the Pacific Northwest and our eastern taxon found in the Appalachians. While the three taxa are varieties, the eastern variety is also the typical variety and thus is considered a synonym (autonym) of the species, and is so here named at the species level.
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Distribution in North Carolina
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Habitats: Aquatic in clear, cool, silt-free streams with rocky beds.
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Recorded by: Dan Pitillo
Transylvania Co.