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Ramalina americana Hale - Sinewed Bush Lichen

Image by Gary Perlmutter
Family: Ramalinaceae                                                                                 
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Technical Description: LaGreca, S 1999 [2000]: A phylogenetic evaluation of the Ramalina americana chemotype complex (lichenized Ascomycota, Ramalinaceae) based on rDNA ITS sequence data. - The Bryologist 102(4): 602-618.                                                                                  
Comments: CNALH specimen records from the Piedmont and Coastal Plain may be R. culbersoniorum, which is distinguished by chemistry; these specimens need to be re-examined and tested by TLC. To quote S. LaGreca (1999): "R. americana, is largely acid-deficient and occurs in the northern half of the range of the complex (and at high elevations in the Southern Appalachian Mountains)..."
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