Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Currituck County

Myotis septentrionalisNorthern Long-eared Bat2018-10-23Gary Jordan (USFWS), Chris Turner (NCWRC)1Mist netted one adult male on dirt road within mature mixed hardwood/pine upland forest. - North River Game Land off US 158, approximately one mile ESE of Currituck County Airport photo02_Captured
Myotis septentrionalisNorthern Long-eared Bat2016-02-29Dottie Brown and other Ecological Solutions staff1A female was mist-netted on Feb. 29, 2016. - not specified within the county02_Captured
Myotis septentrionalisNorthern Long-eared Bat2015-11-16Dottie Brown and other Ecological Solutions staff5One male on Nov. 16, one female on Nov. 17, one male and one female on Nov. 26, and one male on Nov. 27 -- all in 2015. In additional, they located 21 different roost trees. - North River Game Land, in Currituck County02_Captured
Myotis septentrionalisNorthern Long-eared Bat2014-08-17Mike WrightA number of bats were mist-netted over several sites, including some of this species in 2013 - several sites around the VA-NC line, within 1 mile of the VA border02_Captured