Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Watauga County

Blarina brevicaudaNorthern Short-tailed Shrew2021-12-04Guy McGrane1Long snout and body shape of shrew, gray color and short tail suggest this species. Dead on trail, likely killed by bicycle or other pedestrian wheeled vehicle. - Brookshire Park, on paved trail under the bridge for US 421 over the New River.photo02_Photo
Blarina brevicaudaNorthern Short-tailed Shrew2005-07-19L.Gatens, S.Lambiase1BECR - male subadult collected in pitfall trap set in northern hardwood forest on Beech Mtn. Specimen vouchered at NC State Museum mammal collection.01_Collection
Blarina brevicaudaNorthern Short-tailed Shrew2005-07-14L.Gatens1BECR - adult female captured in pitfall trap set in vicinity of beaver impoundment on Beech Creek. Specimen vouchered at NC State Museum mammal collection.05_Sight
Blarina brevicaudaNorthern Short-tailed Shrew2005-06-10L.Gatens, S.Lambiase1ELKN - Collected from Northern Hardwood Forest area with a small stream and Carex pennsylvanica dominating the herbaceous layer. Specimens in NCSM Mammal Collection.01_Collection
Blarina brevicaudaNorthern Short-tailed Shrew0000-00-000Lee et al.10_Lee