Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Craven County

Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel0000-00-00Wade Fuller4I discovered a family of flying squirrels that were living in this cypress swamp back in the late 1960s--exact year I can't recall. We were cutting some of the cypress tress at the time and unfortunately one that we cut held a nest they were using and the impact of the felling killed two juvenile squirrels in the cavity of the tree. Also for many years (1960-1970s) a small family of flying squirrels lived in large trees along the Trent River near Wilson Creek in Trent Woods 2 doors from the then home of Dr. Bob Holmes (as per phone conversation with Holmes 7/14/13--WF) - Cypress Swamp near mouth of Clubfoot Creek, near Havelock, NC02_Captured