Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Graham County

Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel2018-06-26Owen and Pat McConnell2When we returned on June 26, 2018 to our winterized cabin for the first time since late October, 2017, we were surprised to find this dead Southern Flying Squirrel on the dining/living room floor. Every decorative or collected item that was not firmly attached to something was scattered across the floor. Another dead flying squirrel was found in a bedroom upstairs. I think the two squirrels got into the attic through holes in the screens covering the soffit vents. They might have gotten into the interior of the house through a small gap where a rock chimney wall connects with the ceiling. They apparently were not able to get out the same way they got in. - 4950 West Buffalo Rd. Cabin on West Buffalo Creek.photo02_Photo
Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel0000-00-000Lee et al.10_Lee