Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Mecklenburg County

Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel2017-12-23Rob Van Epps1Found when cleaning out birdhouse in the winter. - Davidson, NCphoto02_Photo
Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel2014-00-00Steve Gantt1Charlotte area, present year-round in yardphoto02_Photo
Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel2002-03-11Don Seriff1This squirrel emerged from a "brown-headed nuthatch" nest box placed 50 yards off the main park entrance road in a loblolly pine stand. Submitted by Don Seriff Mecklenburg County Conservation Science Office. There are multiple records of this species from the county. An albino specimen from Mecklenburg County is being curated at Discovery Place (Cat. # ML-123). - Reedy Creek Nature Preserve photo02_Photo
Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel1948-01-17Don Seriff1The oldest known specimen of this species collected in Mecklenburg County. Provided for historical perspective. Collected by D.A. Adams. Specimen in the collection of the University of Michigan. Museum #123642 / Field #NCS598. Record provided by Don Seriff - Mecklenburg County Conservation Science Office. - Mecklenburg County - Charlotte01_Collection