Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Alleghany County

Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2017-12-19Mike Turner and Mike Mickie1Roadkill. A large, warm-brown colored squirrel with a reddish tail. - US 221 ~1/2 mile east of Prather's Creek, approx. coordinates are 36.4988, -81.249403_Roadkill
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2016-07-24Tom Snow1In my uncle's yard in Ennice, NCphoto02_Photo
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2015-09-12Robert Rybczynski1mid-afternoon sighting on road. white nose with dark tho not black face, giving the impression of a more squared-off forehead than gray squirrel. extensive orangish in tail, yellowish brown on body, especially ventrally. large size clear with front , back & side views. Squirrel approached us rather than running off immediately and a more lumbering rolling gait was noted as opposed to rapid hopping run of gray squirrels. Have birded this roads frequently in last 6 - 7 yrs and never noted this species before. Am familiar with this species in the coastal plain and sandhills and Florida. - Old paved road to top of Mahogany Rock05_Sight
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel1999-07-19R. Rose1Seen at beginning of nature trail at Alleghany access.05_Sight