Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Ashe County

Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2019-06-30T. Howard1Large size, prominent white patch on nose, brown-reddish fur - Long Branch Creekphoto02_Photo
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2012-06-05Chris Kelly19:45AM. At edge of fallow Christmas tree field and forest. Hopped out of goldenrod and headed over to fence line and into adjacent woods on private property. Several large snags with cavities observed (beech, oak). Less than 100 meters from a wooded riparian zone. No photo available, but excellent views of rufous belly, large size. I have seen fox squirrels in NW North Carolina before and grew up in NE Ohio where the rufous coloring is typical of fox squirrels. - Pond Mountain Game Land (NCWRC). 36.58407, -81.66722.05_Sight
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2011-03-11J. Anderson1NERI - Wagoner Access05_Sight