Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Catawba County

Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2017-04-25Dwayne Martin, Lori Owenby1about 10:00am, it was in a sparsely wooded pasture eating black walnuts. - Riverbend Park - Bean tract second record for the parkphoto02_Photo
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2011-05-14Dwayne Martin, Alisha Stamey, Blair Rayfield1Three of us got really good looks at a Fox Squirrel here at Riverbend Park in northern Catawba County this afternoon. It walked right out into the parking lot. We were able to watch it through binoculars. It was the red race with a white muzzle and white ears. We were not able to get a photo of it - Riverbend Park.05_Sight