Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Harnett County

Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2019-03-26Paul Hart1Brownish gray on upper (dorsal) part of body and black on lower part. Seen standing along road shoulder. Seen at 9:05 AM. - Entrance road at Anderson Creek County Park05_Sight
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2017-09-15Paul Hart1Ran across the road in front of me during mid-morning. Pelage was brown and gray. - Entrance road at Anderson Creek County Park05_Sight
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2016-10-27Paul Hart110:05 AM, observed on roadside. This gray-phased individual started to run across the road in front of me, but turned around and ran back toward a tree along the roadside. - Ross Road, 0.1 mile east of intersection of Adams Road, near Harnett CorrectionalInstitution.05_Sight
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2013-08-02Paul Hart, Joan Shaw1I was surprised to see a Fox Squirrel in this park, considering that it is comprised of Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest (Piedmont Subtype) on a southwest-facing slope along the Cape Fear River. The squirrel was seen beside a trail at the edge of the park, adjacent to an old textile plant at the southern edge of the Town of Erwin. A black-phased squirrel. Seen at about 8:45 AM. - Cape Fear River Trail Parkphoto02_Photo
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2013-05-09Paul Hart1Heard it - Anderson Creek Park05_Sight
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2012-11-07P. Terry1RARO - Running up the fire road next to the Flea Barn.05_Sight
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel0000-00-000Lee et al.10_Lee