Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

New Hanover County

Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2017-05-12Hunter Phillips, Cathy Songer2About 9 am, seen literally on Sugarloaf Trail. One quickly scaled a tree and disappeared out of sight while the other took its time, climbed a tree, and put on a display of rapid tail flicks before eventually disappearing out of sight. - Carolina Beach State Parkphoto02_Photo
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2012-06-04C.Helms1CABE - Seen crossing park road approx. 25 yds. in front of park entrance gate.05_Sight
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel2008-04-06Carla Edwards1CABEphoto02_Photo
Sciurus nigerEastern Fox Squirrel0000-00-000Lee et al.10_Lee