Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Davidson County

Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2021-02-04Steven Smith and Angela Carpenter1We had spotted the otter several times swimming along our seawall. This morning he was laying on our dock, rolling around to scratch his/her back. Quality of photo is not very good but confirms sighting. - Beckner Road Lexington, NC on High Rock Lakephoto02_Photo
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2020-03-03Thomas C Michael2I saw one swimming in front of my house, as I watched it, he swam to an area where a tree had been undermined when the water exploded and the animals were playing. That’s when I saw the second one, they played a bit then continued there hunting, one actually came out of the water onto the floating dock just across from me. I had my binoculars and got a very good look at the animal, he was huge, between 5 to 6 feet long from nose to tip of the tail. - At 291 Shepps Boat Dock Rd, Lexington NC 2729205_Sight