Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Mecklenburg County

Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2020-05-04Erin Fisher1Tail shape, paws, body structure - Near the turn into Sonoma Valley rd off Mount Holly rdphoto02_Photo
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2020-02-29Tim Wolfe1I have watched this otter numerous times and walked up on it sleeping yesterday afternoon. I have discovered 5 roadkills in Charlotte city limits over the past several years. - Cora St. off of Oakdale Rd. In Charlotte. Private pond.photo02_Photo
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2017-07-01Steven Cole4Three otters swam downstream and then back up in Little Sugar Creek near the Lynnwood Drive section of the greenway. We saw a lone otter 20 meters further downstream. photo02_Photo
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2017-06-14Betty Thomas4There were four otters. I saw them pop-up in Diary Branch Creek. After swimming around (frolicking)awhile and attracting attention from people on the bridge in the park, they climbed back over to Little Sugar Creek and swam upstream. I saw them around dusk on a Wednesday evening. - Diary Branch Creek and Little Sugar Creek in Freedom Park, Charlotte, North Carolinaphoto02_Photo
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2012-05-12Don Seriff1Infrared-triggered camera survey photo. River otters were released near this site in the mid-1990's but also moved into the county from the east on their own. Inner city records were not uncomon in the past decade but reports from within the city limits have declined over the past 5 years. Record submitted by Don Seriff - Mecklenburg County Conservation Science Office. - Cowans Ford Wildlife Refuge, Meckelnburg County, NCphoto02_Photo