Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Wake County

Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2022-01-30Ryan Smith4First noticed spraints surrounding pond with identifiable fish scales and bones in December of 2021 while planting bald cypress and installing a wood duck nest box. First visual sighting of 2 otters in mid January 2022 with territorial display. Clearly identified as North American River Otter based on brown fur with lighter chin and chest, long tail (wide at the base and narrowing), and slender body. Set up trail camera near otter slide and captured photos of 4 otters during late January 2022/early February 2022. Visited the pond on numerous occasions and witnessed the otters hunt fish and exit the pond onto the banks to feed. They would then swim below the water and not resurface for hours, so they possibly have a holt with underwater entrance. If required for identification, I have dozens and photos during both the day and night. - Farm pond on an ATFS certified Family Forest and Tree Farm property in Apex, NC - Wake County.photo02_Photo
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2019-09-19Kyle Kittelberger1River Otter seen swimming and feeding on a fish in the creek, have distant phone pics if necessary. There may be a burrow in the area. - along Cedar Creek, within Falls Lake State Park05_Sight
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2017-11-23Garrett Hicks Brandon Hicks1River otter scene and lower Barton creek swimming then exiting the riverbank. Had white diamond on chest.05_Sight
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2004-01-09R.Davies, S.Lambiase0WIUM - tracks and slide observed in snow on bank of Crabtree Creek upstream of wooden bridge07_Sign wo/photo
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter1992-04-17 Smith, S.D.1NCSM 763101_Collection
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter0000-00-000Lee et al.10_Lee