Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Wilkes County

Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2021-11-04Guy McGrane4Aquatic mammals were large and brown with very noticeable whiskers, and long round furry tails, also popping up out of the water with heads held high, and catching crayfish and chomping on them at waters edge. See Picture - Dam Pool at Jefferson Turnpike, North Wilkesborophoto02_Photo
Lontra canadensisNorth American River Otter2019-12-05Guy McGrane3Three large mustelids with very long tails in river and on bank, playing together. Large strong swimmers, definitely not muskrats or beavers. First I can remember in the county. - In Yadkin River just below dam at Kerr Scott Reservoir.05_Sight