Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Ashe County

Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2005-00-00Tracy Minton1MOJE - Dead specimen found near Leland residence. Confirmed on 07/10/06. Specimen sent to NCSM.01_Collection
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2003-07-14Ranger Becky Rose1NERI - seen standing in the road at Peak Creek05_Sight
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2002-06-16M.Edwards1MOJE - Struck by car 200 yards below 2nd overlook. Mount being prepared for use at park.05_Sight
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2001-04-26P.Bailey1NERI - Climbed tree after chipmunk, Wagoner service road05_Sight
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel0000-00-00010_Lee