Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Moore County

Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2019-11-21David & Lori Shaw1Weasel zipped out from the woodline on the landfill side of NC 5 about 40' in front of my vehicle.It stopped at the edge of the road and looked at my vehicle.When he turned his eyes into the headlights they reflected brighter than any animal I have ever seen. the shine was so bright it fully obscured its head and front part of its body. By the time we were probably 15' from it, it turned and zipped back into the woods. The sighting only lasted maybe 4 seconds total. I would guess it was 15-20" long and about 4" high at the back. It moved pretty much flat to the ground in an insanely fast and flowing way. - Highway NC 5 at landfill in Aberdeen NC, Moore county05_Sight
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2018-06-04Brady Beck1DOR, 0630, collected specimen and WRC will use for educational purposes - US 1, southbound lane, Richmond County Line.photo02_Photo
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2017-08-25Kimberly Hull1Driving through Ft. Bragg's wildlife reservation around 11am and saw it running back into the brush. Very clearly - Ft. Bragg's wildlife reservation05_Sight
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel0000-00-00010_Lee