Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Yancey County

Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel2012-08-19Chris Kelly13:17AM pictured on wildlife camera. Note: to gauge size, this weasel was compared to size of a raccoon and suet feeder pictured on the same camera station. Photos of raccoon and suet feeder are on file. Habitat: northern hardwood forest. Weasel is visiting bait set on suspended log for flying squirrel. - Big Bald. Woods below Big Bald Road and directly below parking area for Big Bald. This is the Big Bald up the road from the Wolf Laurel ski area, near the NC-TN line. photo02_Photo
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel1993-05-25park staff0MOMI - obs. running across park staff parking lot 05_Sight
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel1985-08-07J. Hammond0MOMI - NCSM # 4983,4984 01_Collection
Mustela frenataLong-tailed Weasel0000-00-00010_Lee