Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Graham County

Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear2021-06-01Ken Hobson1photo on iNaturalist website 02_Photo
Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear2010-04-21Owen and Pat McConnell and Wayne Washam1A large, adult bear was draped over a large, horizontal limb of a tall Tuliptree. The limb was about 60 feet above the ground; but, since the tree was downslope toward the center of the loop about 50 yards away, it was nearly at our eye level. With 8X40 binoculars the bear could be seen clearly. It lay stretched out along the limb, with its head next to the trunk of the tree and with a foreleg hanging limply over our side of the limb. The sun was shining on its back. It raised its head and looked our way a couple of times. - Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest on lower loop trail on the memorial trail about .25 miles going clockwise from the parking lot. 05_Sight
Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear1998-10-08Owen & Pat McConnell1At twilight a very large bear was standing upright on its hind legs (human-like )at the edge on the road, looking in our direction. Seeing our car approaching, it looked startled and quickly ran into the brush. - Cherohala Skyway near Santeetlah Overlook05_Sight
Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear1997-06-18Owen & Pat McConnell1A young bear. On seeing the car, it wheeled about and with several lopes entered the woods. - On shoulder of the Cherohala Skyway just north of Stratton Meadow05_Sight
Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear0000-00-000Lee et al.10_Lee