Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Harnett County

Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear2005-10-16Robert Wingo1RARO - Although not seen, there is a high probability that a bear was present at the Group Wilderness Camp. Mr. Wingo was camping with his group from Golfview Baptist Church at site 5 at the Group Wilderness Camp. He said that about 3:00 am he heard noises near Little Creek, which enters the CFR near site 5. He thought it was some of the youth in his group making noise, so he went out of his tent with a lantern. He said that he heard something big crashing through the woods and breaking limbs. I asked him if he was familiar with the sound that a deer makes running through the woods. He said that he has deer hunted and that he was sure it wasn't a deer.07_Sign wo/photo
Ursus americanusAmerican Black Bear2001-10-13Gary Spindle1A small bear was seen from the overlook. He observed the bear at the edge of the Cape Fear River through binoculars. Gary is a long time seasonal employee at Raven Rock, and this observation was entered in NRID years ago. - N35.4711, W-78.908505_Sight