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Chytolita petrealis Grote, 1880 - Stone-winged Owlet Moth

Superfamily: Noctuoidea Family: ErebidaeSubfamily: HerminiinaeP3 Number: 930502.00 MONA Number: 8356.00
Species Status: Chytolita petrealis is currently treated by some authorities to be a synonym of morbidalis, following determination that the type of petrealis was a morbidalis. Prior to that realization, however, the name petrealis had been applied to a distinct and much rarer species in the Southeast. The authors who sunk petrealis did not realize this so our petrealis has no name at the moment. To make things more complicated, there is another undescribed thing like it from the mountains (2-3 specimens known) whereas the petrealis that has been most widely recognized is present primarily in the Coastal Plain (J.B. Sullivan, pers. obs.)
Field Guide Descriptions: Beadle and Leckie (2012)Online Photographs: MPG, BugGuide, iNaturalist, Google, BAMONA                                                                                 
Wingspan: 22-30 mm (Forbes, 1954)
Adult ID Requirements: Identifiable from photos showing hindwings, abdomen, or other specialized views [e.g., frons, palps, antennae, undersides].
Distribution in North Carolina
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Flight Dates:
 High Mountains (HM) ≥ 4,000 ft.
 Low Mountains (LM) < 4,000 ft.
 Piedmont (Pd)
 Coastal Plain (CP)

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Habitats and Life History
Habitats: The majority of our records come from swamp and floodplain forests, forested shorelines, as well as peatlands and other wet forests
Larval Host Plants:
See also Habitat Account for General Wet Hardwood Forests
Status in North Carolina
Natural Heritage Program Status:
Natural Heritage Program Ranks: G5 S4S5
State Protection: Has no legal protection, although permits are required to collect it on state parks and other public lands.

 Photo Gallery for Chytolita petrealis - Stone-winged Owlet Moth

Photos: 9

Recorded by: Gary Maness on 2020-08-13
Guilford Co.
Recorded by: Gary Maness on 2019-09-03
Guilford Co.
Recorded by: Gary Maness on 2019-08-28
Guilford Co.
Recorded by: Gary Maness on 2019-08-26
Guilford Co.
Recorded by: Gary Maness on 2019-08-25
Guilford Co.
Recorded by: Gary Maness on 2019-08-14
Guilford Co.
Recorded by: Salman Abdulali on 2019-06-28
Pitt Co.
Recorded by: Gary Maness on 2019-05-25
Guilford Co.
Recorded by: Steve Hall on 2012-05-26
Halifax Co.