Butterflies of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
Butterflies of NC Butterflies of North Carolina Database
Common Name County Date Observer(s) Number Comments
1 Zebra Longwing Gates 2013-10-16 F. Williams 1 Was quite amazed to see this here. It nectared on some zinias for about 20 minutes before flying away. I will keep a watch for it tomorrow. I was mowing and almost wrecked my tractor when I realized what I was seeing!
2 Zebra Longwing Gates 2013-10-18 F. Williams, S. Williams 1 Didn't get as good a look to see if it was the same one as on 10-16 but would assume it is. Signa got to see it this time also.
3 Zebra Longwing Gates 2013-10-20 F. Williams, S. Williams 1 This is definately the same individual that was here on 10-16.
4 Zebra Longwing Gates 2013-10-21 F. Williams, S. Williams 1 Still hanging around
5 Zebra Longwing Gates 2013-10-30 F. Williams, S. Williams 1 Same one as seen last week. It survived the freeze we had a few days ago.