The Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Carolina
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Notes on the Odonates of NC
Common Name County Date Observer(s) Number Comments Record Type
1 Orange Bluet [Enallagma signatum] Macon ? G.H. Bick 2 July 1985, sex=MALE, city=Highlands, directions=1.2 miles NW, habitat=Mirrow Lake, source=G.H. BICK COLLECTION -FSCA Collect
2 Orange Bluet [Enallagma signatum] Macon 1954-08-30 M. J. Westfall 2 sex=MALE, city=Highlands, directions=Rt 64, habitat=Cullasaja River, source=MINTER J. WESTFALL JR. COLLECTION-FSCA Collect
3 Orange Bluet [Enallagma signatum] Macon 1975-07-18 G.H. Bick 4 Male=2, city=Highlands, habitat=Harris Pond, source=G.H. BICK COLLECTION -FSCA Collect
4 Orange Bluet [Enallagma signatum] Macon 1981-08-03 Sidney W. Dunkle 1 sex=MALE, city=Highlands, directions=6.8 miles northwest, habitat=Cliffside Lake, source=SIDNEY W. DUNKLE COLLECTION-FSCA Collect
5 Orange Bluet [Enallagma signatum] Macon 2017-06-27 Barbara McRae 1 He was perched on water plant in beaver pond, near Little Tennessee River, Franklin - male Photo online
6 Orange Bluet [Enallagma signatum] Macon 2018-06-27 John Petranka, Sally Gewalt. 1 Cliffside Lake at Cliffside Lake Recreation Area, ca. 4 miles NW of Highlands. - Male. Photo