Notes on the Odonates of NC
6 records
Common Name County Date Observer(s) Number Comments Record Type
1 Atlantic Bluet [Enallagma doubledayi] Wayne 2022-10-22 Mike Turner 25 Cliffs of the Neuse State Park - 100's of Familiar/Atlantic Bluets flying over the lake. I got looks good enough to ID to species on 25 individuals, and they were all male Atlantic Bluets. Sight
2 Atlantic Bluet [Enallagma doubledayi] Wayne 2021-06-17 Harry LeGrand, Lori Arent 25 Cliffs of the Neuse State Park Photo online
3 Atlantic Bluet [Enallagma doubledayi] Wayne 2019-04-15 Mark Shields, Hunter Phillips 75 Cliffs of the Neuse State Park (CLNE) - Many tandem pairs at lake. Photo
4 Atlantic Bluet [Enallagma doubledayi] Wayne 2017-05-29 Conrad Wernett 100+ - COFN, everywhere, the surface of swimming lake is a constant swarm, numbers amazing and uncountable Sight
5 Atlantic Bluet [Enallagma doubledayi] Wayne 2015-07-31 John Petranka, Sally Gewalt 50 Cliffs of the Neuse SP (CLNE). Along the lake shoreline across from the boathouse/dock. - ca. 50 seen along shoreline, but possibly many more present. Scanning with binoculars we estimated >1,000 male bluets flying low over the lake surface, but they were too far away to reliably identify as Atlantic Bluets. Photo online
6 Atlantic Bluet [Enallagma doubledayi] Wayne 1971-06-01 R. Duncan Cuyler 1 sex=MALE, city=Goldsboro, directions=south on Rt. 117 near, habitat=Neuse River, addl_habitat=sandpit, source=R DUNCAN CUYLER COLLECTION-FSCA Collect