Notes on the Odonates of NC
2 records
Common Name County Date Observer(s) Number Comments Record Type
1 Citrine Forktail [Ischnura hastata] Warren 2009-08-04 Paul Scharf 1 Dennis Paulson's comment: It's sufficiently slender that I'm pretty sure it's Ischnura hastata, Citrine Forktail. I. verticalis is a more robust species. I'm judging that by the width of the eyes relative to the width of the thorax, definitely a higher ratio in hastata. Otherwise, they are somewhat similar-looking as mature females. In the mountains, E. Forktail would be much more common than Citrine. In the Coastal Plain, Eastern is relatively rare. Photo online
2 Citrine Forktail [Ischnura hastata] Warren 1975-09-27 R. Duncan Cuyler 1 sex=FEMALE, city=Inez, source=INTERNATIONAL ODONATA RESEARCH INSTITUTE-FSCA Collect