Notes on the Odonates of NC
3 records
Common Name County Date Observer(s) Number Comments Record Type
1 Fawn Darner [Boyeria vinosa] Montgomery 2016-08-08 Mike Turner 1 Barnes Cr @ SR1303 (Ophir Rd.) Sight
2 Fawn Darner [Boyeria vinosa] Montgomery 1980-05-22 J.A. Louton 5 Drowning Cr., NC Hwy. 73, V-22-1980. Reported in J.A. Louton PhD Dissertation, 1982: Lotic dragonfly (Anisoptera: Odonata) nymphs of the Southeastern United States: identification, distribution and historical biogeography. University of Tennessee - 5 nymphs collected. Collect
3 Fawn Darner [Boyeria vinosa] Montgomery 1960-07-17 R. Duncan Cuyler 1 sex=MALE, city=Biscoe, source=R DUNCAN CUYLER COLLECTION-FSCA Collect