Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance

Wake County

Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel2013-08-04Cindy Carr29:30 pm, feeding on black oil sunflower seeds in bird feeder hanging of white oak tree. Two Southern flying squirrels are regular visitors to the feeders at this location. - Riparian buffer at edge of residential yard and sewer line easement, Cary Park subdivision. Property backs to Panther Creek stream buffer and USACE/Jordan Lake Game Land boundary.05_Sight
Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel2009-02-14J. Singley2WIUM - OBS. Camp Crabtree 05_Sight
Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel2005-04-14D. Mumford1FALA - Found in Holly Point in old nest box that had fallen on the ground. Female (I assume) would not leave nest, even as I re-mounted it on the tree, so possibly nursing young.photo02_Photo
Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel2005-04-05Greg Orcutt1FALA - Juvenile found in the leaves beneath a tree that had just fallen across a fire line during a prescribed burn in Woodpecker Ridge.05_Sight
Glaucomys volansSouthern Flying Squirrel0000-00-000Lee et al.10_Lee